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Architectural Services


Offers clients affordable conceptual designs for any project size and the opportunity to experiment different options without committing to a full architectural service.


Ideal for clients looking for a streamlined, hands on approach. Includes conceptual options, design development, and building documentation through to council approvals.


Delivers the conceptual design through documentation, approvals, project management, to occupancy. Within this service clients can choose from any or all of interior design, competitive tender, liaison with building team or post occupancy services. From providing help to find the right builder to complete contract administration or project management service, the owner can be involved as often or as little as they like.


Survey, engineering, landscape and interior design services are available to compliment our adaptable architectural service packages.

Our Process


Brief requirements are established through an initial site visit where project objectives and client wishes are assessed against site opportunities and constraints, budget and council planning requirements. All these factors inform a conceptual design approach which is prepared, presented and, if necessary, revised for client approval.


Phase 1


Through continued client consultation and further graphic presentations the approved concept is then developed into the first of three council applications; planning, requiring siting, layout and external appearances to be thoroughly resolved. In commercial or industrial projects sub-consultants may be introduced to address drainage, waste treatment and other services integral to the design. A council septic application may also be prepared and submitted in this phase.


Phase 2


Following confirmation of a smooth council planning assessment, building construction and essential services are analysed and detailed drawings and specifications prepared. This phase involves less client consultation while technical aspects of the building design, structure and other specifics are addressed and presented for the final council application; certification against the Building Code of Australia.


Phase 3


The certified documents and development approval will enable construction to begin but a builder will require additional information in order to produce a building specific to client requirements. Phase four may include interior design and fitout drawings, lighting layouts, joinery details or scheduling of material and fitting selections. Our involvement is determined by the level of client interaction with the builder thoughout the construction phase so architectural services are customized from project to project depending on individual client requirements.


If a builder has been previously appointed by the client his involvement in the above process can help streamline budgeting, architectural services and council assessment. However if the intention is to ensure a cost competitive, unbiased construction process then architectural and sub-consultant documents are packaged and issued to appropriate builders for pricing. Upon receipt the builders offers are analysed, assessed and a recommended builder presented for client approval.


When a client does not have the time or inclination or when building complexities require, we can continue our involvement throughout construction and either partially or fully administer the contract between client and builder. This phase can equate to up to a third of a full architectural service and may involve many variables which should be resolved with a full understanding of design implications. If we are not formally engaged through this process we offer our time, as required, to address any questions the builder or client may have during construction and early occupation of the finished building.


Phase 6